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I understand that creating a compelling website and marketing materials for our clients is not enough. If there is not a viable marketing strategy in place to utilize your website as a tool to promote your business, it will not help you increase revenues.

In an effort to share some strategies to increase targeted traffic to your site, you will receive the free eBooklet: "Three Surefire Ways to Increase Targeted Traffic to Your Website." This booklet will explain how to share your expertise in your field to generate more website traffic, and to help potential customers get to know you better.

In Grow Your Biz eZine, I share only the most immediately useful and relevant information to help you make the most of your website and marketing materials, as well as other relevant topics of interest to entrepreneurs who want to grow their business, using online and offline strategies.

I'll also include some tips and tricks on keeping expenses low, while increasing revenues.

Grow Your Biz topics include:

  • Internet marketing and publicity strategies
  • Tips on getting more targeted traffic to your website
  • Using your website as an effective marketing tool
  • Time management through automation

No time to read books on business development? Just read my "book reports," where I cut through the fluff, and outline only the most useful ideas and information from the excellent business development books I've been reading.

You get the "Cliffs Notes" version, in an easy to read format. Book reports will be a regular feature in Grow Your Biz eZine.

The eZine is just another way to keep in touch, share our experience and expertise, and enable you to get to know us a little better.

And of course, we hope that you will think of us when you are in need of graphic/web design or programming services.

To your success,

Emilie Nottle
Founder/Graphic Designer

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to Grow Your Biz eZine

For tips and ideas on business development
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. As a bonus, you will receive a free eBooklet: "Three Surefire Ways to Increase Targeted Traffic to Your Website"

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