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Free Resources

In this section, we will share some indispensable resources to help you automate your marketing efforts, stay organized, and use the internet to its fullest potential.

Free Tools and Organizational Strategies

Google Calendar >
An online datebook to help you keep track of your schedule.

  • It's quick and easy to add items, so every time there's an event or task you want to schedule, put it right into Google Calendar, before you forget
  • There's an option to schedule a regular event automatically (eg - 7pm every Thursday for 6 weeks, or a birthday every year)
  • It emails your agenda to you every day
  • You can even set it up to call your cell phone with the reminders
  • You can set it to give you a pop up reminder on your computer 5 minutes to 3 days before the event
  • You can share your calendar with others, if someone else helps you manage your schedule
  • Free for all to use

Task Freak >
Helps you manage your to do list and keep track of projects efficiently.

  • Easy and user friendly
  • Order tasks by priority and deadline
  • Organize by project and context
  • Absolutely free & open source

Tasks Junior >
Another task manager, but I use this one to keep track of all my lists, with categories and sub-categories (for example: books to read > personal development, graphic design, marketing, web related...)

  • Easy and user friendly
  • Order tasks by priority and deadline
  • Organize by project and context
  • Absolutely free & open source

Toggl >
Toggl is a super easy and convenient way to keep track of time, as you work on any project. If you ever need to bill your clients by the hour, this little application keeps track of your time.

  • Easy and user friendly
  • Web based, so you can use it from any computer with a web browser
  • Keeps track of multiple projects
  • Absolutely free & open source

A Free and Easy Way to Keep Track of Your Membership Sites, Affiliate Programs, Frequently Visited Sites, Etc. > Keep all your frequently used links, usernames, and passwords in one accessible place:

  • Create a simple html page with all your links, passwords, and relevant info
  • Keep the page on your computer's desktop (no one else will see it because it's not on the internet)
  • In your web browser, select this page as your startup page, so that it's the first page that comes up every time you open your browser

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